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Dear Broadband User,

For those that battle with slow internet. For you, who has purchased a top-quality TV, but cannot get a decent image on screen. For you who doesn’t want to get involved in technology. For you who are crazy about technology, but still require a tip.

We have created this website for those that need good advice to proceed. And for you, who is looking for quality Danish products that don’t cost a fortune.

Throughout the decades, since 1977, we at DKT have practiced as being the best in broadband networks. In fact, our customers are typically large operators such as YouSee and Stofa, locally and internationally. Already in the mid-90s we presented the first “Guide to home installations”. This targeted installers with the aim of raising the level and reducing fallout. We believe that the knowledge we have gathered, which today is mostly accessible for operators, and since 2010 was named “HomeConnect”, should be accessible to all! We have therefore found the courage to create a website with help and support, as well as the possibility to buy the correct equipment directly from the manufacturer (that is us).

We have gathered all the best products for the home network and made it simple to select what is correct, because we have boiled it down to only one type for each. Now you do not need to be an expert to select what is correct, and you do not need to speculate about the price, because here you have the correct quality directly from the supplier – it cannot be more optimal! A narrow product range that focusses on what is correct – here you cannot buy too cheap or too expensive – here you can only get what is correct and it does not need to be difficult!

With this page we will help you to gain optimal value from your broadband subscription, and the full use of the products you have bought for the home, iPads, Smart TVs, Game consoles, PCs etc. Only with the correct backbone in the home can broadband be distributed decently and thereby realize its full value. We are specialists in this network, and on this page you find the correct equipment, basically because we believe we can increase the standard of living via better quality networks!

So there you have it, quite simply the home network. A completely new initiative in an otherwise very confusing area, where until now it has been difficult to get assistance. I hope that you will be satisfied, and we naturally accept criticism and praise.

Best wishes
Christian Emborg

DKT WAVE2 Support

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