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dkthome.dk is owned and managed by DKT A/S, Fanøvej 6, DK-4060 Kirke Saaby, CVR no. 82151419. You can contact us by phone at +45 4646 2626 or by email support@dkthome.dk.


We accept payment with Dankort/VISA-Dankort, VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard and Maestro. Payment will be charged on your account when the goods are sent. All amounts are in DKK (Danish Kroner) and include sales tax. Online payment on dkthome.dk occurs via a secure payment system (DIBS), where all details regarding payment are encrypted.

We do not claim credit card charges.


All goods are delivered free of charge to a Danish GLS ParcelShop according to your choice. Delivery occurs within 1-3 working days. We only deliver in Denmark.


The legal obligatory Right of Cancellation
As a consumer you have 14 days Right of Cancellation when you buy from us. The Right of Cancellation terminates 14 days after the day when you have received your purchase. If you have ordered several different items in one order, but these are delivered separately, then the deadline runs from the day when you receive your purchase.

The deadline encompasses that you have 14 days from receipt of the goods to give us notification that you regret your purchase. You can send an email to support@dkthome.dk eor use the standard cancellation form that can be found here. You cannot cancel a purchase by refusing acceptance of delivery without also providing us with notification.

Regretting part of a purchase
If you have purchased multiple items from us, then you have the possibility to return one or more items, even if they have been purchased in a single order. In such a situation you simply use the included return label, or contact us at support@dkthome.dk to have a return label sent. DKT covers the cost for transport and returning of goods, so long as the return label from DKT is used for the package. A return label is free of charge.

Note, you can only receive a relative part of the shipping costs returned, this being based upon the quantity of items being returned and the quantity being retained.

You have 14 days in which to return the items when you have informed us that you want to cancel your purchase. You must pay for the shipping unless you use the free-of-charge label from DKT A/S. You will be responsible if the package is damaged during transportation.

Condition of returned goods
You are only accountable for degradation of the product’s value caused as a result of handling other than that required to determine its nature, properties and manner of use. You can, in other words, test the product in the same way as if you tested it in a physical shop, but you must not take it into actual use.

If the product is used beyond that described above, then we regard it as used, meaning that by regretting the purchase you only receive part or nothing of the purchase price returned, this depending upon the product’s commercial value. Missing original packing material and damages to the goods can incur a reduction of its value, so to ensure that all monies can be returned, it is recommended that the goods are returned in the same condition as received, responsibly packed and in original packaging material.

Refunding of purchase amount
If you regret your purchase then you will have your money returned. If the product’s value has been degraded then we deduct that amount from what you are being charged. We refund all payments received from you no later than 14 days from the day we have received the product.

Unless agreed to otherwise, we refund amounts using the method of payment that you used for the purchase. We do not accept packages that are not delivered to our address or packages sent with payment on delivery. We can retain payment until the goods have been received by us, unless you send us documentation that they have been returned.

The extended Right of Cancellation
DKT A/S extends the Right of Cancellation with an extra 16 days, thereby providing a total of 30 days. DKT also offers that you can use the product without losing the Right of Cancellation on your purchase. This extended Right of Cancellation begins when the legal right expires and extends up to 30 days after the day you received your goods.

The deadline implies that you have 30 days from receipt to provide us with notification that you want to cancel your purchase. You can send an email to support@dkthome.dk or use the standard cancellation form that can be found here.

When you have informed us that you want to use the extended cancellation on your purchase, you have 8 days in which to return the items.

When returning in association with use of the extended Right of Cancellation, you must use the return label that accompanied the package when delivered, or contact us at support@dkthome.dk to receive a new return label. You simply place the label on the package, deliver it to any GLS ParcelShop and GLS arranges the rest. You can also return goods via a GLS ParcelShop, even if you do not have a return label, but then you must pay for shipment. You must complete and send the cancellation form that accompanied the package. You can also find it here. The goods are sent to:

Fanøvej 6
DK-4060 Kirke Såby

You can also regret the purchase by giving us notification and delivering the item personally at the above address (following prior agreement). We do not accept packages that are not delivered to our address or packages sent with payment on delivery.


Two years are provided for reimbursement in accordance with purchase laws. Our right for reimbursement is valid for errors in material and/or production. Right of reclamation is not valid for errors or damages incurred by incorrect use of the product. If your reimbursement is entitled, then you can either have the product repaired, exchanged, money returned or a discount on the price, this depending on the exact situation.

You must reclaim within reasonable time after you have discovered the error. If you reclaim within two months of identifying the error, then the reclamation will always be valid. As regards returning in association with a reclamation, you can with advantage use a reclamation form that is available here.

If the reclamation is valid, then we will refund your (reasonable) freight costs. The goods must always be returned in acceptable packaging material, and remember to receive a receipt for delivery so that we can refund your freight costs.

Contact support@dkthome.dk to receive a return label. Package are not received if they are sent with payment on delivery. For reclamation and returns contact:

Fanøvej 6
DK-4060 Kirke Saaby
Tel. +45 4646 2626


We require the following details when ordering from us: Name, address, tel. no. (not required) and e-mail address. If ordering for a business then we also require the company name and its business registration number.

We only register and forward your private information so that we can deliver your order to you. This information concerns your name, address, telephone number and e-mail, as required by GLS who delivers our packages.

GLS Denmark A/S
Kokmose 3
DK-6000 Kolding
CVR-no. 10 54 97 44

Personal details of customers are registered at DKT A/S and stored for five years, following which they are deleted. The responsible data manager at dkthome.dk is COO, Søren Hansen.

By being registered at DKT A/S you always retain the right to send us your objection to this registration. You also have the right to see which details have been registered about you. These rights are in accordance with the Act on Processing of Personal Data. Requests in this regard must be sent to: support@dkthome.dk


If you, as a consumer, want to complain about your purchase, you must send an email to: support@dkthome.dk or by telephone at +45 4646 2626. If we do not succeed in finding a solution, then you can send a complaint to:

The Consumer Complaints Board
Nævnenes Hus
Toldboden 2
DK-8800 Viborg

If you reside in a EU country other than Denmark, then you can complain to the EU-Commission’s online complaints portal at: ec.europa.eu/odr

Terms and conditions have last been updated on 20.12.2017.

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