• What is the difference between DKT WAVE2 Air and DKT WAVE2 PowerLine?

    Both models provide lightning-fast WiFi, but they are technically different. WAVE2 Air creates a network based on a wireless or Ethernet connection between WiFi Mesh units, whereas WAVE2 PowerLine uses the electricity supply cables in the home as the network.

  • Is there a difference in range between DKT WAVE2 Air and DKT WAVE2 PowerLine?

    No. WiFi range is the same, irrespective if you choose DKT WAVE2 Air or DKT WAVE2 PowerLine. However, remember that range depends upon possible obstructions such as walls, furniture, other electrical units etc.

  • Is range and speed degraded by walls and similar obstructions?

    If there is a wall or similar between the signal from your DKT WAVE2 unit and your cell phone, tablet, PC etc., then WiFi signals will be degraded as with all other radio signals. It is therefore that we recommend a DKT WAVE2 in all rooms in your home where you want good coverage.

    Placement of your WAVE2 unit also plays a role. For example, if you have mounted it under a cabinet, behind furniture, electronic items or have thick walls (such as bricks or cement) between units, then the units can have difficulty to “see” one another. WiFi connections are radio waves that move in straight lines, so if you place the router in the bottom of a cupboard, then you have already made it difficult for yourself and your connection. A perfect placement would be approximately 1,5 m above floor level with an open view.

  • Can I combine DKT WAVE2 Air and DKT WAVE2 PowerLine in the same network?

    No. DKT WAVE2 Air and DKT WAVE2 PowerLine are technically different and cannot be combined.

  • Can some DKT WAVE2 Air units be used with Ethernet while others are used wireless?

    No. All DKT WAVE2 Air must either be connected via cable (Ethernet) or be wireless.

  • How much speed do DKT WAVE2 Air and DKT WAVE2 PowerLine offer?

    DKT WAVE2 Air can manage speeds of up to 1200 Mbit/s, while DKT WAVE2 PowerLine can provide you with speeds of up to 200 Mbit/s, depending on whether you use plugs with grounding (can often be seen if there are two or three holes in the power socket). If you have an Internet connection of greater than 200 Mbit/s, then WAVE2 Air could be the best solution for you. Try our Quick Guide to see which solution is best suited to your home.

  • Can I connect more units if I require extra coverage?

    Yes, it only requires installing an extra DKT WAVE2 unit in the power socket in the room that you want covered. It manages the rest itself and no further configuration is required. You must however be aware that it is the same type of unit and with the same form of connectivity as the other units. If you are using a wireless network between your units, then the new unit must be within range of one of the other units.

  • I have several electricity circuits in my home. Is it a problem if I use DKT WAVE2 PowerLine?

    Yes. If you have several separate electricity supply circuits in your home, then you must ensure that your DKT WAVE2 PowerLine units are all connected to the same electricity circuit, otherwise they cannot communicate.

  • If my neighbor uses WAVE2 PowerLine at the same time as I do, will the units be capable of ”seeing” one another?

    No. When the units are paired they exchange encryption keys. All communication via PowerLine and the electricity network will be encrypted and cannot be read by others. You will typically not be capable of seeing your neighbor’s traffic because your electricity supply network is isolated from one another in your respective meters.

  • Can I use the same network name as my router?

    We recommend that you create a new network, and possible call it <old_network_name>_mesh. You can use the old network name and password, but you must turn off the router’s WiFi. In some situations you can do this yourself by logging in to the router and shutting it down. In other situations you may need to call your Service Provider and have them shut down the WiFi in the router.

  • How do I reset a WAVE2 Mesh unit to its factory default settings?

    You reset a WAVE2 Mesh unit by pressing the WPS button for more than 10 seconds. Hereafter the LED lamps will begin to blink and the unit will restart with a standard network name. The unit must now be reconfigured.

  • What should I do if I lose my power supply?

    A new power supply can be bought in various electronic shops. The type is USB-C, 5V, 2A. For further details see www.androidauthority.com/usb-type-c-and-3-1-explained-656552

  • Must I use the DKT HomeMesh app to configure my WAVE2 Mesh units?

    No. Mesh units are configured for the first time when you connect a unit to the router (it becomes the master access point that controls the WiFi Mesh network). Hereafter you select GUIDE_0000XXXX SSID that appears in your cell phone/tablet/PC wireless overview. Your browser opens automatically and you must provide a network name and password. Following this, other units can be paired with the master access point by pressing the WPS button on both units for more than 2 seconds.

    This does not apply to cabled units that are connected by Ethernet cables – they are automatically paired. After your Mesh network has been configured, you can use the DKT HomeMesh app to view the status of units, perform troubleshooting and perform firmware upgrades.

  • How do I upgrade the firmware in WAVE2 Mesh units?

    This is done by using our App. Download the DKT HomeMesh app from Google Play or App Store. Connect to your wireless Mesh network, open the app and enter your network password. Select Tools -> Firmware Upgrade. The App will determine whether new firmware is available. This is marked by a small icon alongside the Firmware Upgrade button in the app.

  • I can see that my Mesh units only have a single IP address from my router. Why do not they each have an IP address?

    The system has been developed that only the ”master” access point receives and IP address. The remaining units communicate with each other via IPv6. This implies that the other mesh units do not need individual IP addresses.

  • When is it necessary to pair units and when is it not required?

    If units have been configured so they communicate with one another either via the electrical power circuit (PowerLine) or via wireless (Air units that are not cable connected), then they must be paired by pressing the WPS button on both units for more than two seconds. There is a maximum of two minutes grace from the time of pressing on the one WPS to pressing on the other WPS. Following this the pairing routine is nulled. If your Air units are cabled then it is not necessary to pair them, they do this automatically.

  • Can I connect cabled devices (for example Smart-TV or stationary PCs) to my Mesh units?

    Yes, you can with advantage use a cable to connect, for example, your Smart-TV, stationary PC or music system via Ethernet cable to a Mesh unit via the available/vacant Ethernet ports. This will release wireless bandwidth to other units.

  • When I have given my units a new network name and password, how do I then access the built-in start-up guide?

    This is not possible. The built-in start-up guide is disconnected after configuration of the network. If you want to access the units with the intention of configuring and monitoring them, then you must retrieve the DKT HomeMesh app from Google Play or App Store. Alternatively, reset the unit to its factory default settings by pressing on the WPS button for more than 10 seconds. Following this the diode lamps will blink and it will restart with the standard network name. The unit can now be reconfigured.

  • Can my WAVE2 units function without being connected to a router?

    No. Mesh units depend on the master access point acquiring an IP address from your router. The radios in your units will remain turned off so long as your Mesh network has not been correctly established. Therefore always ensure to connect at least one mesh unit directly to your router via an Ethernet cable.

  • Can WAVE2 Mesh units be powered from Ethernet so that I can avoid using the provided power supply?

    WAVE2 Air models must receive power from the provided USB-C power adapter, while the WAVE2 PowerLine model receives power from the same electricity plug that it uses to transfer data.

  • Which apps do you recommend for measuring and optimizing my wireless Mesh network?

    It can be difficult to determine whether you have coverage problems or not, and therefore it can be a good idea to retrieve an app such as WiFi Sweet Spots. This is a free app that displays the signal strength where your cell phone/tablet is located, and this in real time.

    WiFi Sweet Spots for iPhone can be downloaded here, and WiFi Sweet Spots for Android can be downloaded here.

  • Is it possible to turn off the diode lamps on my WAVE2 unit?

    No, unfortunately it is not possible to turn off the diode lamps.

  • Can I use æ, ø and å in the network name and password?

    No, unfortunately it is not possible to use special characters and Danish characters.

  • Do I get higher speed if I connect two Ethernet cables from my WAVE2 Mesh unit to my router?

    No, it will not function optimally because you risk creating a loop in the network. You must only cable one Ethernet port to the router. The other can, with advantage, be used to cable, for example, a SmartTV or stationary PC.

  • Can WAVE2 units be used outdoors?

    We recommend that you do not mount units outdoors because they are designed for indoor use. You can expect satisfactory coverage from the garden or road outside.

  • Can I combine DKT WAVE2 Mesh units with Mesh units from other manufacturers?

    You can configure units, but they will operate as separate islands because 3rd party units do not function with DKT units. We recommend that you do not use 3rd party equipment with our WAVE2 Mesh units.

  • Can I create a guest network with a separate network name and password?

    Wave2 is designed for simplicity and to keep the simpleity throughout setup and usage guest network will not be supported.

    Users with more advanced Wi-Fi needs are welcome in writing support, whom will refer to products for advanced usage.

  • Is it possible to name access points from their standard names, for example from 19X10000000117 to something meaningful like Lounge, Bedroom or Kitchen?

    Unfortunately this is not possible with the existing version of the app. We expect that this functionality can be included in a future firmware update.

  • I have forgotten my password. What do I do?

    It is best to go back to the factory configuration. Press the WPS button for more than 10 seconds on that unit(s) connected to your router until the diode lamps blink and the unit restarts with a standard network name. Now the configuration can be redone.

  • How do I turn off the wireless network in my router so that I can use WAVE2 mesh as my primary network?

    It depends on whether you are using an integrated WiFi solution in your network and if this was delivered by your Service Provider or if you acquired it yourself.

    Own router:
    1. You must follow the guidelines on the manufacturer’s website, and find the relevant section dealing with turning on/off the wireless network.
    Fibia customers:
    1. Genexis or Icotera fiber boxes, according to the installation manuals: ”Is there wireless network in my fiber box? Yes, wireless network is built into the fiber box and you can choose to use it or connect your own router. Contact the Customer Center on 7029 2444 – select Technical Support if you want to activate or deactivate the wireless network in the fiber box”.
    2. PacketFront DRG703, see the guide: www.fibia.dk/media/2745722/vejledning_drg700_wireless_setup.pdf
    3. Other units see: www.fibia.dk/privat/kundeservice/vejledninger-dokumenter/vejledninger/bredbaandsudstyr-og-routers/
    Eniig customers:
    1. Icotera box, please contact Support on 7015 0060.
    2. Other units or combinations, see: eniig.dk/privat/kundeservice/fiberbredbaand/vejledninger/
    TDC customers:
    1. If you receive broadband via Coax, then see more at: kundeservice.yousee.dk/bredbaand/indstillinger-og-sikkerhed/saadan-skifter-du-kanal-paa-dit-wifi/skift-kanal-via-mitwifidk
    2. If you receive broadband via DSL, then see more at: kundeservice.yousee.dk/bredbaand/indstillinger-og-sikkerhed/saadan-skifter-du-kanal-paa-dit-wifi/skift-netvaerkskanal-paa-homebox
    Stofa customers:
    1. As a starting point you must consult the website at: stofa.dk/hjaelp/bredbaand/wifi-guide
    2. Alternativelty contact Technical Support at 8830 3030.
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